Swimming Pool Services
Water Treatment Systems Repairs and renovation of old swimming pools
Our team of technicians carry out various tests to locate the leakages in the concrete and pipe works. Hair line cracks in the concrete are sealed by a special chemical injection treatment system. A cementatious waterproofing membrane applied on the concrete surface before retiling will ensure complete protection against further leaks and concrete deterioration.
  Repairs And Renovation of Old Swimming Pools
Water treatment systems
Water treatment system We offer a complete range of water treatment systems, such as ionisers, ozone generators, ultra violet sterilizers, automatic salt chlorinators and fully automatic chemical dosing systems.
Fibre Optic Lighting Spas and Jacuzzis
We supply and construct a wide range of spas and Jacuzzis, from the ready assembled above ground units to the in ground concrete custom designed units.
Fibre optic lighting Spas and Jacuzzis
Fibre optic pool lighting transforms any pool into a showplace of the night. Perimeter lighting accents the unique design of your pool with a ribbon of glowing coloured light. The colour wheel gives you the creative freedom to light your pool spas, waterfall and surrounding landscape with exciting, exotic, full colour. Because optical fibre carries light instead of electricity, it can be easily installed in wet locations with complete safety. It can illuminate and decorate in ways that traditional lighting cannot.
Maintenance Service Swimming pool equipment and accessories
We stock a whole range of swimming pool products and accessories for both contractors and pool owners. Hydrotech are the sole distributors of Acqua Source swimming pool products, one of the leading manufacturers in Europe. Weare also distributors of the following swimming pool equipment manufacturers: Astral, Hayward, SR Smith, American products, Plastica, Thermalec and Aqua Cal swimming pool heat pumps.
Maintenance service Swimming Pool Equipment and Accessories
Hydrotech provides ongoing maintenance services to ensure a reliable and cost efficient operation of both swimming pools and water features. The maintenance programme is the most prudent way for clients to protect their investment. Acurate and timely maintenance enhances the value of the client property and generates additional demands for their use.